Sunflower Microgreens

Sunflower Microgreens

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Sunflower micro greens are our all time favorite microgreen! They are large, substantial greens that are crunchy and have a pleasant nutty flavor. We love to use them as a base for any microgreens salad. They make an excellent snack and your kids will even try to sneak them! We recommend this as a staple of any crop or microgreens salad! Grow only in soil. They last about 2 weeks in refrigerator.



- Great for sandwiches/wraps, salads, juicing green drinks, or just for snacks! Great texture with a mild nutty flavor! It's versatile in many recipes.

- High in protein, zinc, omega fatty acids, B vitamins, folate, and LIVING enzymes.
- Vitamin E for boosted antioxidant capacity with vitamin C and selenium to reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease.
We currently are doing delivery only to the Central Florida area on Thursdays and Fridays. All orders must be placed by 3pm to be delivered the next day. We also have pick up available every Sunday at the Orlando Farmers Market from 10am-4pm. Minimum order of 2lb.